What to bring and What to wear

Please bring with you to camp every day:

WATER! in a Refillable water bottle:  Dancers get thirsty and need to drink lots of water.  Friendship through dance will provide water for refillable water bottles.

SNACKS!  Dancers need fuel.  there will be a 15 minute break in between each class.  Dancers can refuel at these times.  Please bring healthy foods.  There will be a snack bar for a small donation so that dancers can purchase snacks on site every day.

Dance friendly clothes: Dress like you are taking a physical Education class.  Wear something comfortable that you can move in. Girls please wear a leotard or sport bra under any shirt you wear. Leggings and tights are very comfortable.

Boys can wear basketball or soccer shorts and tshirts.  Sweat pants are wonderful to dance in as well.

Shoes:  If you own jazz and ballet shoes please bring them and make sure your name is written in permanent on the inside of all of your shoes.   If you do not own dance shoes just wear comfortable tennis or running shoes.  You will need a pair of socks for ballet if you are not wearing ballet shoes.

Hair:  Please have your child come with hair secured in a ponytail or bun.